Which Denver Restaurants Have Your Cravings Covered?

One of the best states in the US brings you one of its best cities, and that city brings you some of its top restaurants. Are you ready? Are your favorites the establishments with intriguing names, or are you searching for something specific? Hopefully you’re going to find these selections from among the top restaurants in Denver most palatable.

Let’s start with one of those restaurants with an intriguing name. What food is going to make it to your table when you eat at Cherry Cricket? This is your classic burger and wings joint located on East second avenue. Two other great burger places in Denver are Sam’s No. 3 and 5280 Burger Bar.

Vesta is a unique establishment on Blake Street, and the menu features items like duck, Chinese BBQ pork, flatbread and more. This restaurant according to reviews is in an older building, yet it makes for a nice setting, great ambiance evidently. If it’s Indian cuisine you’re craving, then you want to check out Amble on Holly Street. Menu items include oyster shooters, tapas and mahi-mahi, among other things.

True Food Kitchen is a cool place serving up unique dishes like edamame dumplings, street tacos and bison burgers. Then you have City O City on 13th Avenue that serves up delicious pizza and also caters to customers looking for both vegan and vegetarian-friendly menu options. Yard House serves up great pub food like truffle fries, tacos and jambalaya. If it’s Mexican cuisine you crave, then Avanti F&B is one of your spots that has you covered and also serves up other great menu choices outside the norm.

Ted’s Montana Grill is the next restaurant to make the cut. Bison is on the menu, and they also feature trout and many other delicious entrees. A similar type of establishment yet s unique place all the same is next on the list in Appaloosa Grill. It’s located on 16th street, and you can expect the menu to serve up all kinds of greats hot off the grill.

If it’s a steakhouse you’re looking for, however, you can dine at Elway’s Downtown. Buckhorn Exchange, Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs and Lucile’s Creole Cafe are a few other great selections. This wonderful and enormous city in the gorgeous state of Colorado is going to have some great restaurants, and now you’re no longer in the dark about what’s out there.