Four Georgia Cities And Their Top Three Places To Eat

We are going to visit some more top restaurants around Georgia. Last time we went to four cities, so that sounds like a plan this time. Remember, there are going to be three top establishments for each city mentioned so that’s a total of 12. That should keep you and your family busy having fun and enjoying some good food while traveling through Georgia. Perhaps you are traveling through and planning your stops, or maybe you are looking for the next city to enjoy a vacation. No matter what, these top restaurants in Georgia will make great stops.

Lawrenceville is your first city, and Local Republic is the top restaurant there. Located on N Perry Street, Local Republic is #1 out of 343 restaurants. I love cafes, and the next two top establishments are just that. The first one is Peachtree Cafe on S Clayton Street, and the second one is Oyster Bay Seafood Cafe on W Crogan Street, which looks like a cute little place.

Roswell, Georgia is a great city, and there are 333 restaurants there. Brookwood Grill is located on Holcomb Bridge Road, and the reviews say it’s a great place to enjoy some prime rib. Another top restaurant in Roswell is Table & Main, which is located on Canton Street. It is one of those restaurants inside a house, very cute. The third restaurant to mention out of Roswell GA is Foundation Social Eatery, located on Holcombe Bridge Road like the first restaurant, Brookwood Grill.

The next Georgia city to visit is Gainesville, and there are 247 restaurants in the city. Atlanta Highway Seafood Market is one of those places, the top restaurant in fact, and it is located on none other than Atlanta Highway. Then you have Atlas Pizza on Washington Street and 2 Dog located on Spring Street. We’ve got there cities and nine restaurants down, but we have one more city and three restaurants.

The city is going to be Valdosta, Georgia, and there are 237 restaurants to choose from currently. Bubba Jax Crab Shack is the top establishment, and it can be found on West Hill Avenue. Empanadas & More is the next restaurant in Valdosta, and it is on Northside Drive. Does Steel Magnolias sound familiar? That was the title of a popular movie in the 90’s, and it is nice restaurant in the city of Valdosta. That does it for this round of Georgia restaurants folks! Rst