A Short Guide To Restaurants In Four More Georgia Cities

Have you ever been to Rome? Not Rome, Italy but instead Rome GA in the US, a city with 178 restaurants. Oh yes, you are going to get to explore some more Georgia restaurants in this article, four cities and three restaurants per city. Rome is going to be the first city since it has already been introduced, and the top restaurant there is a place called Jerusalem Grill on Turner McCall Boulevard.

Jerusalem Grill features delicious hummus, sandwich, kabobs and more according to the reviews. Honeymoon Bakery on Broad Street sounds like it is going to have all kinds of delicious goodies. They are known for cookies, cheese straws, gelato, cakes, brownies and more. One of the reviews talks about there being a huge selection, so you can imagine just what it’s going to be like trying to make a decision. Enjoy some great bakery treats and even take some to go if you like.

Harvest Moon Cafe is another top restaurant located on Broad Street. While it would be nice to explore each restaurant as deeply as we did Jerusalem Grill and the bakery, we must move on to another city. The next city is Brunswick, which features 191 restaurants. The top restaurant is Indigo Coastal Shanty, which is located on Reynolds Street. Then two more of the top restaurants in Brunswick you might want to stop by first are Millhouse Steakhouse Brunswick on Glynco Parkway and Gary Lee’s Market on US Highway 82.

Now which city would you like to go to in Georgia. Let’s visit Buford GA, which has 233 restaurants. Ricos on West Main Street is the top rated restaurant, and chicken, sandwiches, fried green tomatoes and something called the Royal Rooster. Two other top Buford restaurants are Baking Grounds Cafe on South Lee Street and Aqua Terra Bistro on East Main Street.

Now we have one more city to visit, and it is another smaller city in Georgia. Newman, Georgia is a small one alright but a good one and home to 207 restaurants. The top establishment is Meat and Greet, which is a funny play on words. Meat and Greet is located on Jefferson Street, and that is certainly a funny play on words. Then there is Fabiano’s Pizzeria on West Court Square and Redneck Gourmet on North Court Square. There you have it, yet another guide to some top choices for dining in four of Georgia’s cute little cities.